What are we about?

EpicZen is about creating fun games for everyone to enjoy. We try to shed
the modern day cliche of making dozens of games that each hold the same gameplay
but use different graphics and a slightly different story.
Our ultimate goal is to bring back game programming from the late 1990s,
while we aren't in this for any kind of money, it's nice to get paid
for our hard work and for doing what we enjoy to do. Trust me, if everyone
got paid for doing what they love most, no one would hate work.

If any of you older gamers out there remember titles like: Carnivores, Croc
Trespasser, Conker, Oddworld, and many other great 90s titles, then this may
mean a bit more to you than the youngsters who began gaming in the 21st century.

Who are we?

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